Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A box for any occasion.

Card boxes are  different and make you think outside the box ;)
They are very popular these days popping up on many different sites & blogs. They are a lot of fun to make but they do take a little more time than a regular card. After making my first Mother's Day card I've received many requests for similar cards. 

I could barely keep up with the Mother's Day card request so now I've stocked some Father's Day cards ahead so it won't be such a rush. 

Here are a few I've made & recent orders I've had. 
Card for a baby shower for a special young lady! <3

Golf theme birthday card. 

Most recently I was asked to make an anniversary card. I love the way it turned out. These small roses are so much fun to make! I think you'll be seeing more of these!

If you have the chance make a few of these, they are a lot of fun & I'm sure the recipient will enjoy it too! 

Happy Scrapping!

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